You learn to writeCovid-19 is dramatically changing our educational routine; virtual learning launches next Thursday, 4/2/20. Please be sure you can access Google Classroom and Remind. Thanks! Be safe!

New Google Classroom Codes:
English I: uyb2elf
English II: djlwhvh

Remind Codes:

English I: @engipre
English II: @e7ae4

8 Responses to Home

  1. Margiory Jones says:

    Good Morning

    This is Karol’s Jones Mom and I want to let you know that she doesn’t have the book today, but we ordered it and she will have it by friday

    Thank you

    Margiory Jones

  2. Amy Harris says:

    This is Kedrick Adams’ mom and I wanted to let you know that “A Thousand Splendid Suns” will arrive tomorrow from Amazon. Sorry that it did not arrive in time for class today.

    Amy J. Harris

  3. Keegan Wing says:

    Hey Mrs.owens it’s Keegan wing I missed class on Friday and I was wondering what all I missed you said to check your website first so here I am

  4. Dana McDole says:

    Dear Ms. Owens,

    Thank you for the lovely postcard about August. He really enjoys your class and will miss it. It made my day. Have a wonderful summer!

    Dana McDole (Mallos)

  5. Randey Hubbard says:

    Please excuse Annika Hubbard for not having her book today. We went to Books a Million last night. But they had none in stock. I ordered it and it will be here sometime today. Thanks Randey Hubbard

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